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Investment is a set of expenses that takes on a form of intentional fixed-term infusion of capital into different spheres of economy, enterprises and/or other assets, to generate profit (income), satisfy investors’ individual goals and produce a positive socioeconomic effect.
There are internal (domestic) and external (foreign) investments. Alpha Consulting is an international company that successfully operates in many countries, which have favorable business environment. Our skyrocketing growth combined with a large number of partners has provided us a kind of audience, which is called ‘business audience’. We happily offer you to join us and be our partner in a variety of external investment projects, which will provide:
1.    Stable profit
2.    Decentralization of assets 
Alpha Consulting follows a policy, which outlines priorities for investment of capital to ensure fulfillment of a partner’s goal, gaining maximum profit and/or following socioeconomic objectives. Every time we consider an investment project, we rely on the criteria of long-term partnership, which are defined with the consideration of the risk of loss.  
Alpha Consulting offers the following projects:


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