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Alpha Consulting

Alpha Consulting Group is an international provider of legal corporate tax planning services. Mainly, we focus on registering companies in countries that use preferential taxation policies and in offshore jurisdictions, opening accounts in foreign banks, helping our clients to register trusts, funds, and we also focus on many other spheres of international business.  

Over several years, Alpha Consulting Group has created a client's portfolio, which totals are more than 8,000 companies specializing in various fields of activity. It gives us an opportunity to constantly analyze our clients’ real needs and provide best quality services.

In the segment of financial and legal services, we are one of the leading and most dynamically evolving companies, as we provide top quality services and keep to the ethical standards of customer's service. We have gained a reputation of a reliable and highly professional partner. We operate our customers’ data and private information in a fashion that ensures the highest level of confidentiality.

We rely on principles that are based on strict quality control, exercise confidentiality, data security, legitimacy, and use an individual approach to each client. Our company will share with you our functional experience and profound expertise in the branch regarding such activities as effective international tax planning, tax optimization, registration procedures for businesses, trusts, funds, etc., starting bank accounts, accounting and other attendant services.

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