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Good news: TIN becomes available for all Seychelles offshore companies from now on.

In April 2019, the Seychelles Revenue Commission announced its intention to issue all IBCs with TIN number.

It recently has been officially advised that now any IBC will be able to get TIN through its Registered Agent as soon as from the beginning of August. There are two requirements to be met.

The requirements are not complicated. First, the company should be in good standing, and second, its accounting records – originals or copies – should be kept at the registered office address in Seychelles.

Let us recall that up to now the TIN was assigned only to those IBCs that conduct full or part of their activities in the territory of the republic. From now any IBC can get a Number regardless of whether it does business in Seychelles or not.

What is good about this news.

For Seychelles jurisdiction, this is a good news since, as a low tax jurisdiction, it leaves its competitors far behind. Against the background of serious problems in many jurisdictions due to constant changes in banking regulation, Seychelles looked like a more favorable and attractive jurisdiction even before. Presently advantages have become even more significant as far as the Seychelles IBCs obtain access to many banks for opening accounts.

At the same time, it is worth noting the important fact that for a company with no activities in Seychelles, obtaining TIN does not entail tax liabilities in this jurisdiction.

If you are the owner of a Seychelles IBC and your company conducts business outside this jurisdiction, this is your opportunity to get new benefits.

In its turn, as a licensed Registered Agent and Provider of Corporate Services in Seychelles, Alpha Consulting will be glad to offer you the best conditions for obtaining TIN!

For more detailed information for the fees and requirements please contact our office .

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