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Belize licences


For several years, entrepreneurs all over the world been using services in Belize to improve tax planning and ensure confidentiality of their business and assets. Belize passed the  International Financial Services Commission Act, Chapter 272. It contributes to the rapid growth of the regional economy and increases confidence in the global market. Today, in order to meet customers' needs, a whole range of activities should be carried out, some of which require license acquisition. The main features of licensing process in Belize include use of an individual approach by IFSCs and rapid processing of applications. We provide services to license the following activities:

1. International asset protection and management

2. Money transmission services

3. Payment processing services

4. Trading in foreign exchange

5. Trading in financial and commodity-based derivative instruments and other securities (e.g., futures, options, interest rates, foreign
exchange instruments, shares, stock, contracts for differences etc.)
6. Money brokering

7. Money lending and pawning

8. Money exchange

9. Safe custody services

10. Accounting services

11. Brokerage, consultancy or advisory services in any of the above



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