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Trusts are ideal asset protection tools, and they are utilized in several ways.
An offshore trust is an arrangement whereby the owner of a particular asset (referred to as the Settlor) passes his/her complete legal ownership of the assets in question to a trustee. Offshore trusts have a number of advantages, including total and complete confidentiality. A trust is a well-established equitable arrangement which does not have to be included in any public register. Therefore, its terms remain confidential to third parties.

A person known as the Settlor transfers property to the trustee, who can be an individual or a company, to hold that property for the benefit of the beneficiary/beneficiaries. The property can include anything that is capable of being transferred: shares, money, land or real estate. Offshore trusts are often used by those wishing to protect and maximize their assets, to simplify the management of their assets and their overall estate, tax planning, and to protect the beneficiaries' interests.

Alpha Consulting team can help you to improve your future life using the following opportunities:
•    Estate Planning
•    Tax planning
•    Protection of family members, and preserving the family fortune
•    Intentions of compiling the will
•    Protection from potential creditors
•    Continuing the family business

There are a huge number of trust types, which vary according to asset holders’ needs. Alpha Consulting offers ones, which work most effectively in various countries:





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