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United Kingdom

Registered Office in the UK Obligatorily Obligatorily
Registered Agent No No
Company Registration Period 2 – 3 working days;  2 – 3 working days; 
Shelf companies Yes Yes
Taxation No taxation, provided that the partners are not resident of UK and do not receive income in UK. Partners are required to do tax report at the place of their registration.
Yes, depending from the amount of the company profit.
Double Taxation Treaty Access Yes Yes
Automatic Information Exchange Agreement Yes Yes
Minimum Paid-Up Capital No No
Maximum authorized capital No No
Standard authorized capital GBP 1 000 GBP 1 000
Bearer shares No No
Shareholders Natural or legal persons of any nationality. Natural or legal persons of any nationality.
The minimum number of shareholders Two (partners) One
Provision of Fiduciary Services Yes Yes
Publicly available Reports Yes Yes
Publicly available records on beneficiaries No Yes
Place of holding of Meetings of Shareholders Anywhere  Anywhere
Directors Natural or legal persons of any nationality. Natural or legal persons of any nationality.
Minimum number of directors One One
Provision of Fiduciary Services Yes Yes
Publicly Available Records Yes Yes
Board of Directors’ Meeting Location Anywhere Anywhere
Secretary Not obligatory  Not obligatory 
Publicly available records Yes Yes
Provision of Fiduciary Services Yes Yes
Keeping of Accounts Yes Yes
Audit Yes (only if turnover is more that 6.5 million) Yes (only if turnover is more than 6.5 million)
Filing of Records Yes Yes


General Information 

England, in contrast to some widely used in international tax planning jurisdictions, is neither an offshore or low tax area. British companies are required to submit annual returns and accounts. The tax rates in respect of companies registered in England are quite high. What is the secret of the British company to be attractive from the point of view of international tax planning?
First, a British company, according to all without exception European counterparts, is a reliable partner of transparent high tax jurisdiction. Second, banks are more sympathetic to such companies and as a result less requirements are applied. Third, in transactions with companies operating within the European Union and a number of jurisdictions that adopted the law restricting the cooperation with offshore companies, the British company looks solid and reliable.



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