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Ajman free zone and offshore in Dubai UAE

Ajman is one of the most rapidly developing emirates. It is very advantageously stretched along the Persian shore for 16 km. The emirate itself boasts beautiful nature. Another important characteristic is it’s the convenient connection to Ajman Dubai, located in just a 27-minute drive away from it. This is the main reason why those who run their businesses in Dubai choose Ajman. All this contributes to Ajman’s rapid growth, attracts investment, and fuels its industrial sector. The addition of offshore company registration business in Free Zone Ajman has had a positive effect on these indicators. Right now this emirate’s income makes up 20% of national revenues in the UAE.

The Ajman Free Zone business setup

The history of the Ajman UAE Free Economic Zone started in 1988, and its opening has significantly boosted the emirate’s growth and development. Over the last couple of years, the number of companies based here has increased fourfold. There is construction going on aimed at extending the territory, increasing the number of companies, and, finally, creating a new industrial district.

Today, Ajman is a highly advantageous zone, and many business persons choose Ajman company formation. Business setup in Ajman, advantages:

  • low registration costs
  • quick procedures
  • low accommodation costs and affordable rent
  • high confidentiality
  • no taxation
  • advantageous geographic and strategic position
  • well-developed modern infrastructure
  • proximity to Dubai and Sharjah downtown areas

There is a certain type of license for every business activity, which a business owner must obtain.

The Ajman FZ offers the following types of license:

Our agents will help you to choose the most appropriate type.

Both local and foreign businesses can be shareholders in the Ajman FZ. Ajman free zone directory provides an opportunity for registrations offshore, FZE and FZC companies.

Registering an offshore business in Ajman FZ

Ajman offshore: opening an offshore company in Ajman became possible just recently. In 2014, the Ajman governmental authority set standards to confirm and regulate these companies’ activities. Registering a business within Ajman free zone UAE has a number of advantages, which include:

  • favorable financial conditions for startup – low costs
  • an opportunity to register within 1-2 days and start working
  • an opportunity to open a bank account at a UAE-based bank within a very limited period
  • reliable protection of information about business owners
  • no need to open a physical office

Registration of a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and Free Zone Company (FZC) business in the Ajman FZ

Registering a FZE and FZC company provides a greater number of opportunities for gaining profit and maintaining full-scale operation of a business both in Ajman and outside of it. Advantages of registering a FZC in Ajman include low opening costs, as well as:

  • no import or export duties
  • advantageous geographical location of the port
  • 100% of property belonging to foreigners
  • free movement of capitals and profit return
  • highly qualified staff
  • employees are not taxed
  • no VAT
  • favorable pricing policy
  • low rent
  • low utility and energy costs
  • well-developed infrastructure
  • a quick access to the company’s document pack, which is necessary for setting a direction for business

What to do to open a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) and/or Free Zone Company (FZC) business in the Ajman FZ

Registering a FZE or FZC company is more difficult than registering an offshore group and it requires a careful approach and professional help. Registration requires personal presence of shareholders. It is also possible to register by power of attorney, which shall be granted by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in your country. Apart from standard procedures, you must clearly define the following:

  • your company’s activity
  • a necessity of receiving visas and their number
  • a necessity of running a physical office in the UAE
  • a necessity of keeping a bank account

Getting a Visa

Unlike a tourist visa in the UAE, a business visa is valid for 3 years investors, and 2 years for staff members. Upon expiry, you can prolong it an unlimited number of times. A business visa entitles you to a permanent stay in the United Arab Emirates. Also, you can get visas for your family members: wife/husband and children under 18 years old.

Our company hires experienced agents, who will help you solve all issues concerning opening a business in Ajman in less than no time and at the lowest costs possible.

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